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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is a HP Photo Smart a smart decision for business?

In my line of service, I receive several calls a week from businesses that need service on their HP Photo Smart Printer. Often the repair will exceed the cost of the printer. The client will say that they have only had the printer for a year or so and will voice their frustration.
The purpose of this posting is to educate and help in sound decision making when it comes to business. There is no doubt that, there can be some use in business for a HP Photo Smart. However if you are going to use it for the bulk of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, you will have problems.
Some repairs of course make sense. I have listed below these repairs.
·         Paper Jams.
·         Replacing pick up rollers.
·         Replacing rollers and separation pads in the automatic document feeder.
The repairs that don’t make sense are listed below.
·         Carriage Assembly.
·         Pick up assembly.
·         Ink station.
I have listed below some suggestions to assure the HP Photo Smart will have a longer lasting effect.
·         Use a laser printer for the bulk of printing and use the HP Photo Smart for scanning and faxing.
·         If copies are needed use the copy functions for a small number of copies. Scan and print from a laser printer if a larger number is needed.
·         I color copies are needed a small amount should be sufficient. If a larger number is needed you might want to consider a color laser printer.
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George Thomas
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