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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Does your printer need a oil change?

Does your printer need an oil change?

If the question was asked, "why should you change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles? No doubt you would get answers like... I get better gas mileage. It prolongs the life of my vehicle and my car runs better after routine maintenance. Of course all this is true; in fact routine maintenance does wonders for not only automobiles, but printers also.
There are several factors why you need routine maintenance on you printers. Paper quality plays in to the equation. The cheaper the paper the more paper dust gets into the paper path. Toners need to be considered as well. All toners have some leakage. (OEM and compatible toners will leak some.) The gears wear and tear, especially when dust and grime are allowed to collect on them. Over time all these mentioned factors settle into the paper path. When the printer is printing print jobs the dust, toner, and grime are pushed through the printer which decreases the reliability and print quality of the printer.
The benefits of maintaining the printer puts you in the status of being proactive, instead of reactive. With less dust, toner, and grime the reliability and life of the printers are prolonged. It gives you the ability of knowing the page count of the printer and when maintenance kits might be needed. 

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George Thomas